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Welcome to the Urban, where all your SEO dreams can come true. Our only limit, is the sky, and your only limit, is not choosing us.

Welcome To The Urban

We’re an SEO agency specialized in white-hat SEO and long-term growth. If you want to let your website grow, then you need to choose us.


We’ll make sure your website is SEO-optimized and is up to any SEO standards from keyword placing, to SEO-copywriting.

Keyword Research

We’ll research the keywords that go with your content and that help rank based on your Domain Authority.

Ranking Higher

All of our SEO-related efforts will help you rank higher and will help even appear in the first page of search engines.

Our Motto

Our agency specializes in helping business grow and find their place on search engines. As we all know, the hardest thing for a business to do, is to rank on search engines. And that’s our forte! Want to know more about what wedo and what we’re good at? All you have to do is check our list of services.



Who We Help

01 Startup

Are you a startup with a limited budget? Then we can help you as well. We support all businesses alike, and we offer different pricing plans depending on your needs.

02 Medium size businesses

If you’re a medium sized business who has no presence online and isn’t ranking well, then this is the right tie for you to start out. And we’re all about that.

03 Large businesses

Being a large business, means you need to rank better on search engines and even appear on the first page. If you’ve got the budget for it, then we’re all ears.

What We’ve Achieved So Far

Over the course of the last 5 years, we’ve landed so many clients, created so many job opportunities, and won a lot of awards.

satisfied clients

Awards Won

Jobs Created

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What We Stand For

Respect Is Our Number One Value

Urban has grown from a small community to a big one simply because we have values that
we stick to like respect.


The founders made it quite explicit that our work will not show any dishonesty. That way
our work was authentic and honest as much as possible.

Helping out

The main goal of our agency is to help out so all businesses including ours can grow. If we
can’t help each other out, who’ll help us?


We know how hard it is to find reliable people nowadays who can help you grow and help
you stand out. We promise that we are those people.


Our Pricing Plans

Find here all the pricing plans we have so you can choose the one that’ll suit your business the best and will help you grow.

Check Out Newest Blog Posts

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SEO Practices That You Must Know

SEO Practices That You Must Know

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